Don’t just watch the transformation of Ostrava from afar. Live it.

Ostrava Lives
Ostrava has long been shaped by its history as an industrial and transportation hub formed around the various factories and regional centers. Now, this Northern Silesian city is experiencing a renaissance. Fragments of the past are merging with the needs of the present, creating an urban landscape with a high quality of life, full of interesting architectural projects, excellent educational opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene, and welcoming public spaces.
City of Architecture

Ostrava’s imposing Art Nouveau palaces, villas, and industrial buildings were erected by important builders and architects, such as Felix Neumann, František Fiala, Sr., Ottokar Böhm, Camillo Sitte, Bohumil Hübschmann, Alois Kubiček, Pavel Janák, and others. Today, the past meets the present and architecture is flourishing in Ostrava once again. Its industrial landmarks, like the Lower Vítkovice ironworks or Trojhalí Karolina, have come alive thanks to architect Josef Pleskot and his team, and other significant projects are in the works—a boldly designed concert hall by the American architect Steven Holl and the Architecture Acts studio, the largest building in the Czech Republic, Ostrava Tower, from the Chybik + Kristof duo of architects, the Moravian-Silesian Research Library whose black cube form was created by Kuba & Pilař architects, and the campus of the University of Ostrava at Černá louka. But this list is far from complete.
City of Culture
Ostrava attracted the world’s attention with the debut of the large multi-genre music festival Colours of Ostrava, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The National Moravian-Silesian Theater has long been a safe bet for operas, ballets, and plays, while the city’s youngest professional theater, Divadlo Mír, offers a modern take on theatrical productions. For contemporary art, head to the Plato Ostrava gallery and Industrial Gallery, and for classical art to the Gallery of Fine Arts located in the House of Art. Space for events and exhibits is being created in the former Ostrava slaughterhouse building.
Foodie City
Ostrava’s culinary scene has been keeping up with the latest trends. The Hogo Fogo bistro offers some of the best meals in town in a dining room with a pleasant ambience. For a less formal experience, try the excellent Ostrava Černý kůň street food market. The third wave of coffee has also arrived in Ostrava. CØKAFE, U Černého stromu, PetPunk, or Čerstvý boby all meet its quality standards. If you fancy a drink, the mixologists at the Modrá myš bar can create the perfect cocktail. Ostrava’s streets are full of bistros, restaurants, cafes, and other spots with unique atmospheres, so there’s something new to try every day.
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